Bites Nearby: A Chicken Pot Pie with Seven Decades of History

Harrows, where comfort food is a family business.

If dinner time has rolled around and—despite your best intentions to have crafted a hearty, family size dinner for your whole brood—there is nary a dish prepared, head down to where ready-to-heat or ready-to-eat chicken pot pies await.

Founded back in ’38 and still owned and operated by a family, Harrows cooks each and every chicken overnight and whips up their signature gravy from scratch each day. This temple to comfort food hasn’t changed location or menu in all of its seven decades of existence. Harrows cooks  ‘basic comfort food that has stood the test of time’ says owner Wally.

The menu is short and sweet—the only real difference in the pies being the inclusion of veggies and the size of the pan. Harrows serves up apple and blueberry dessert pies as well, some rolls and a few side veggies, but things are classically simple and old fashioned.  

While Harrows has several locations across the area, this, the oldest in the Harrows empire, is open seven days a week but is take out only.

So if you have forgotten to slave over the stove all day to make that perfect meal, just pick one up down at 126 Main Street. 


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