Brownie's Barkery Provides Healthy Dog Treats

Brownie's Barkery offers all natural, homemade dog treats your pups will love.

Brownie’s Barkery provides dog treats that are homemade with all natural ingredients like apple sauce, eggs and carrots. Resident and Owner Laura Stone credits her beagle corgi mix Brownie for her business.

Stone came up with the concept on Brownie's first birthday. She wanted to celebrate in a special way and had recently become interested in baking. She made a cake with all natural ingredients and without sugar or salt. Brownie loved it.

The idea for her business naturally evolved. Why not let other dogs experience all natural, healthy dog treats? Brownie’s Barkery was born and offers woofie pies, carob cookies, peanut butter bars, trail mix, barkery cake, the barkery party pack and more.

Stone had sales and marketing experience, which helped get her business up and running. She distributed business cards and samples, but the product really sold itself. Dogs love the treats.

Stone once tested her treats with two dogs. Each dog was given Barkery treats as well as regular dog food.

“The dog spit out his dinner and ate the treat,” Stone said.

Neglecting his regular food, the other dog ate the rest of the treats in seconds. 

What makes them so good? Stone's dog treats are made with natural sweeteners and flavors from sweet potato, apple cinnamon and banana. All of her treats are made without preservatives and some are gluten free. 

Stone partnered with her mother Regina, who now bakes the treats in Maine. Stone does all of the marketing and takes the orders as well as traveling to farmer’s markets, festivals and other special events. Brownie is their official CTO, certified tasting officer, ensuring a tasty product every time.

Brownie’s Barkery treats are a regular staple at various shops and boutiques such as The Orange Hanger in Arlington and Ogunquit Trading Post in Moody, Maine. Visit their website for more information or to place an order.


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