How Many North Reading Businesses Have Closed Since 2010?

Find out how many businesses in town have closed or left town over the last two years.

Welcome to You Asked...Patch Answers where we answer readers questions. We recently received a question about the amount of businesses that have closed over the last couple of years. Patch readers want to know how many businesses in town have closed their doors.

How many businesses in town have closed or left town over the last couple of years? With the help of the Town Assessor, we put a together a list. Let us know in the comments section below if we left any out.

Business Address Staples, Inc. 23 Concord St. Sheila Marie Imports 35 Concord St. FedEx Corporate Services, Inc. 93 North St. Saia Joseph Jr. 61 Haverhill St. Hughes Gregory CPA 50 Main St. Jupiter Electric Inc. 126 Main St. Secret Findings 161 Main St. Designing Kitchens 246 Main St. Carousel Cleaners 265 Main St. Smooth Essentials 315 Main St. AT&T Solutions Brisk Waterproofing 3 Washington St. Picadilly Pub 60 Main St. The Purple Plum 217 Main St. Kid to Kid 20 Main St. Curves  90 Main St. Rite Aid 265 Main St. Shaw's Market 265 Main St. Thunder Sportswear 325 Main St. A Change of Pace 6 Washington St. North Reading Hardware 225 Main St. Curio Salon 161 Main St.

Here is a list of businesses that have opened in the last year.

E April 09, 2012 at 08:08 PM
Joe and Nikki, We have been to the Westside once or twice and enjoyed the food. It is similar to Christophers in my opinion and can get just as busy. FYI....6 miles to Christophers and 8 miles to Westside. This is the reason we gave "the cafe" so many chances. I'm very lazy on weekend mornings. It would be nice for a new breakfast joint to pop up on Main St, and even nicer if the folks in NR would allow the owners to obtain a simple beer and wine license. In my opinion...."the cafe" got boned by a couple of NIMBY local yocals during their permit request. The town should have done a better job standing up for business interests during their appeals. This action probably set a precedent that future owners will consider when choosing a potential location for their restaurants. This was the original jist to this thread. Regards, E
Nikki April 09, 2012 at 08:31 PM
Good detective work! I will wait for your review before trying it. Thanks, Joe. And, Joe and E., I don't think there's been a good breakfast place in NR since Brother's left. Gee, I miss that place!
mike dee April 09, 2012 at 08:47 PM
Irish Cottage off 93 (exit 46) in methuen has great breakfast along with christophers in Reading. Price isn't really a huge issue, as when I go out to eat for breakfast I'm more concerned with the quality/value/experience than price. If your looking for a place to eat breakfast on price alone, you'll typically always end up disappointed IMO. Bring back the Pewter Pot!
Nikki April 09, 2012 at 10:18 PM
Mike, you're right about Christopher's...I didn't mean to ignore them...everything is good there, and the wait is not bad since they expanded. LOL about Pewter Pot! Do you remember Rita, who worked there? She just recently passed away. What a great lady she was.
DR May 07, 2012 at 05:57 PM
Add Sears Hardware and Appliances to the list of closing businesses.


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