Local Summer Escape at “Look What I Made” Pottery Studio

Escape into ceramics this summer in a local art studio’s workshop.

If you find artistic endeavors like painting or pottery relaxing, could offer you a local respite this summer. The Lowell-street establishment is offering several workshops starting this week. The studio will hold most of its classes from 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. and you can attend them with or with out kids; but if you are really in need of kid-free time, evening, adult-only classes may be added, so check their website.

In these workshops participants will focus on a number of household items, not necessarily limited to pottery. This summer you could create and beautify a birdbath, design a pottery clock, make soap and an accompanying soap dish, design t-shirts, and more. The workshops will run for the rest of this month, each week focusing on a different project.

Owner Therese Pazdziorko said, “We’re trying to get people to be creative in creating pottery. We want to teach people techniques that they can use again and again for gifts and other projects.”

Pazdziorko, an ultrasound technician by day, took over the studio in 2008 after she discovered a passion for painting. Now she reserves Thursday nights for adult-only studio time, in which a loyal group of devotees show up, wine and appetizers in hand. 

 For more information on the studio and its workshops please visit their website


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