Reading Residents Weigh in on Fast-Food Minimum Wage Strike

We asked what our readers think about fast-food workers seeking $15 an hour.

Do fast-food workers deserve $15 an hour for their work?
Do fast-food workers deserve $15 an hour for their work?
On Monday, we brought you the story of fast-food workers from across the country who are planning to strike in order to put pressure on their employers to raise their hourly rage to $15 instead of the current minimum wage of $7.25.

We asked for your opinion on the Reading Patch Facebook page to see if you believe fast-food employees deserve to make $15 an hour, and received several interesting answers.

Below are a few of those answers:

Jerry Powers: No way! It will put all those fast food places out of business. Fast food places will have to charge ten bucks for a cheeseburger to make ends meet and NOBODY in their right mind will eat there anymore.

Jillian Onorato O'Brien: No! As a medical assistant at a fertility clinic I made $15. I worked harder than some nurses there! Fast food workers do not deserve that much!

Mary Rienzo: NO!! Why do people think that unskilled workers should make top dollar! I started working at $3.35/hr in 1984. That was minimum wage!

So what is your opinion on the subject? You can weigh in on our Facebook page, or add your thoughts in the comments section below.


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