VIDEO: Watertown Business Brings Sweets to Market

From sweets to breads, The Danish Pastry House has Farmers Market customers covered.

For Matt Raskopf, every day is a learning experience.

Raskopf works the booth for Watertown business The Danish Pastry House, which brings breads, pastrys, and cool drinks to customers every Sunday.

"Just working for them for a month, I've had the experience of getting to try some foods I've never had before and making dishes I've never had the chance to make," said Raskopf. "It's really just heightened my awareness of what good food can be and how easy it is to make when you do that."

J.R. July 16, 2012 at 05:11 PM
They had raspberries and blueberries in their lemonade yesterday. It was delicious! I also got some of their pastries (but I can't remember what any of them are called). I'm definitely going back!


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