Bites Nearby: Ristorante Pavarotti Offers Traditional Italian Fare in an Intimate Environment

This relatively new Reading eatery is making waves already.

Massimo Fiume's traditional Italian restuarant right on Main Street may be new, (it was founded in 2009) but it has already made a name for itself as an upscale yet casual eatery with authentic old world dishes rivaling the big boys in the North End. 

Born and trained in Italy, Fiume knows how to whip up a carbonara or some ravioli. Everything served in the restuarant is house made and the seafood is bought fresh every day. There is an extensive wine list and a full bar to compliment the steaming plates. 

Under soft lighting, white table cloths and glistening flatware fill the intimate dinning room. Indeed, Pavarotti was rated by Patch as one of the five best places for . But the atmosphere, at once high end and relaxed is not the only fetching aspect of this quiet restaurant. 

Seafood plays a prominent roll on the menu with scallops, calamari, octopus and shrimp making several appearances. Classics like marsala and piccata are also popular of course, along with fresh made pastas. When asked to rank the top five chefs in Reading, Patch's users placed those at Pavarotti . 

This is a dinner only kind of place but they close relatively early at 10pm and are not open on Sundays; they do take credit cards. 

So if you find yourself with a craving for some traditional Italian fare, there is no need to venture all the way down to the North End, give Reading's own Ristorante Pavarotti a try. 


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