Five Things, Including Running and Happy Hour

And a little ultimate disc, if you're interested.

Today is Friday, Sept. 2. Here are five things you need to know:

Is that a touch of fall? Temperatures today are slated to peek in the mid 70s, according to Weather Underground, but only briefly in the middle of the day. For the rest of the day, they’ll hover in the 60s before slipping into the 50s at night, when it will also get a bit windy.

Get friendly. Wakefield Weeknights and More will host its monthly at The Venetian Moon. The group meets in the back room on the lower level for martinis, tapas, and socializing.  Stop by anytime during the evening.

Get moving. A group of this evening at the Birch Meadow Athletic Complex for a pick-up game of ultimate Frisbee. If you (or one of your kids) have any interest in running around after a flying disc for a couple hours, this is probably a good destination for you.

Get moving. Again. This one’s definitely for you, rather than your kids. On Saturday morning—early on Saturday morning—an will meet at Memorial Park. The group will chart a 4-5 mile course and then take it at a recreational pace. Should you lace up your running shoes a few more times before summer is gone?

And now they’re replacing the flesh-and-blood kind. On this day in 1969, the first Automatic Teller Machine opened for business. The machines started their life in Rockville Center, N.Y. and can now be found pretty much everywhere. One noted, though, it is called an “automatic teller machine.” When you or a friend says “ATM machine,” you’re being redundant.

For more, see our full events calendar.


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