Five Twists on Thanksgiving's Main Course

Have you ever considered grilling your turkey?

With Thanksgiving on the Horizon, we this week for their favorite secrets for preparing the best turkey possible. As sometimes happens, though, we got zero responses.

I can’t say I’m surprised. Cooking a thanksgiving turkey usually takes on a standard appearance: defrost the turkey, put it in the oven, tend to it until it’s done.

But, that’s not the only way to do it. So, this week, we did some research for you and found five twists on the Thanksgiving bird.


While this stretches your Thanksgiving meal preparation into the previous day, more than a few people swear by brining their foul before putting it in the oven. Once that’s done, you still have other options.


While charcoal and a grill can feel like summer objects, they can play a role in your fall feast if you want them to.


If you’ve never prepared meat through smoking before, we wouldn’t suggest that you try it on Thanksgiving day. But, if you have learned the magic of this form of long, low-temperature cooking, it could be a great way to add some flavor to your holiday.


This one really takes a lot of preparation. First, you brine the bird. Then, you slather it with a marinade. It needs to absorb each for a full day, but it could really bring a new taste to your family gathering.

Deep Frying

I have a couple of friends who personally swear by this method of cooking a turkey, but be careful with it. Remember, oil spatters and burns.


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