'Gallon Smashing' Comes to the Reading — The Stupidest Teen Prank Ever?

Teens were throwing gallons of milk inside the Walgreens in Reading. How do you rate this in the annals of stupid teen pranks?

In an evolutionary sense, we owe a lot to the adolescents of the species. The unnecessary risks they take helped our ancestors learn important lessons — like which plants were poisonous.

But last Wednesday in Reading there was an example of juvenile behavior for which I'm hard pressed to see the advantage.

"Gallon smashing" is, well, just take a look at the YouTube video attached to this post.

People go into supermarkets and film themselves pretending to fall while smashing one or two gallons of milk.

On Wednesday, Reading police responded to a "gallon smashing incident" at Walgreens. You can get the details from Reading Patch.

This left me wondering where, on the scale of teen stupidity, this new trend rates. I suppose it's safer than swerving your car on purpose to make oncoming drivers get out of the way or obscuring a stop sign on purpose and causing a fatal wreck.

But it's more dangerous than my favorite prank as a teen: Fireworking teachers' houses.

How do you rate "gallon smashing" among teen pranks?


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