News Nearby: Man Revived During Bruins Practice in Wilmington

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Man Revived During Bruins Practice in Wilmington: WILMINGTON--Terry Gardner was at Ristuccia Arena with a few of his friends to watch the Boston Bruins take the ice for practice. But he was hard at work before long.

Gardner was among the group of on and off duty emergency personnel who saved the life of a man who had a cardiac episode in the stands on Thursday morning.

Bruins players, who had just taken the ice in Wilmington, took a knee along the boards in front of the benches and watch as several professionally trained first responders rushed into the stands and used a defibrillator to shock the man back to consciousness.

“The quicker you can do CPR the better. Seconds really count in that situation,” said Gardner. “Really, for the situation that he had, he had it in a pretty good place. They had the defibrillator on scene, which made a world of difference for him. If this happened at home, he may not have had such a good outcome.”

Mobile Video-Based Trailer Drills Officers in Firearms and Communication: Stoneham--Two police officers have their guns drawn, cautiously moving down the high school hallway as they check doors after a report of a man with a gun inside the school. Suddenly a crowd of students comes running around the corner, with the officers telling everyone to show their hands up, and just as suddenly the gunman turns around the corner. The officers yell for the man to drop his weapon, but he fires, and the officers return fire.

That harrowing and sadly familiar sounding situation—and other intense scenarios involving firearms—took place in a virtual training last week behind the Stoneham Police Department, where the Middlesex Sheriff Department's Mobile Training Center parked for six days as officers were drilled in both firearms training and how to use verbal commands to de-escalate situations involving guns.


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