Shock in Reading on Pope Benedict News

Reactions from local churches regarding the Pope resigning.

According to Reuters.com, Pope Benedict announced Monday that he will resign on Feb 28. The 85-year-old pope is unable to fulfill the duties of his office, Reuters said, because he is does not have the strength. 

Benedict is the first pontiff to resign since the Middle Ages, according to Reuters.

Business manager at Saint Agnes Catholic Church Mary Cahill said, "We are as surprised as anyone."

Father Colarusso from Saint Athanasius Church said, "We trust in the Holy Spirit and these are very complex times and we are being guided through them."

He spoke highly of the pope, calling him a "brilliant theologian" and said that his books and homilies are both very accesible and appealing.

"He is able to present his thoughts in such a way that he is ealiy understood by everybody," he said.

When asked if he would like to see change in church leadership, he said "in terms of doctrines and morals, not at all."


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