Top Five Stories Last Week

Here are the top five stories from the last week.

Did you miss some news this week? Want to know what the top stories were? Here is a list of the top five stories from this past week:

1. How Are Reading and North Reading Preparing for the Hurricane? Find out how Reading and North Reading's DPW and Fire Department's are preparing for the possibility of Hurricane Sandy hitting New England. Both towns are taking preventative measures to ensure safety for residents. To prepare for the storm yourself, take a look at our tips for preparing a disaster kit.

2. Two Men Charged for Murder of Reading Man. According to the Eagle Tribune, two men were charged with the murder of Reading man Martin Angelone Butt. Jose “Junior” Rivera, 32, of 176 Farnham St., Lawrence and Albert “Gordo” Vasquez, 18, of 22 Camden St., Methuen were held without bail after being arraigned in Lawrence District Court earlier this week.

3. Redistricting for Both Reading Middle Schools Proposed. Parents of students at the Birch Meadow andKillam Elementary Schools, take note. The School Committee is considering changing the district lines for the Coolidge and Parker Middle Schools. That change, if approved, would affect some of you.

4. Investigation on Bullet Found in NRHS Locker Room Concluded. After a day of investigating, police were able to determine where the bullet found at North Reading High School came from. According toNorth Reading Police, in conjunction with school officials they were able to identify the student who brought the bullet into the school and investigators believe that he put it into his gym bag after picking it up at a shooting range.

5. North Reading School District to Hold Groundbreaking for New School. The North Reading School District scheduled a groundbreaking ceremony for the new middle/high school. The groundbreaking will take place on Nov. 3 at 10 a.m. at North Reading Middle School.


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