Who's Pulled Papers So Far for Spring Election?

There are several positions that will be contested on Election Day.

Candidates have already pulled papers for several offices.
Candidates have already pulled papers for several offices.
Candidates are already eligible to declare their intentions for running on Election Day this spring, and several residents have already taken advantage of the opportunity.

According to a list provided last week by Town Clerk Laura Gemme, so far two Board of Selectmen and two School Committee candidates have emerged, along with several others.

Below is a list of the residents who plan on running for office:
  • Kevin M. Sexton, Board of Selectmen
  • John R. Halsey, Board of Selectmen
  • Phillip N. Vaccaro, School Committee
  • Jeanne M. Borawski, School Committee
  • Alan E. Foulds, Moderator (Incumbent)
  • Victoria V. Yablonsky, Board of Library Trustees (Incumbent)
  • David P. Hutchinson, Board of Library Trustees (Incumbent)
  • Thomas B. O'Rourke, Reading Municipal Light Board
  • Robert H. Soli, Reading Municipal Light Board (Incumbent)
Election Day is scheduled for April 1, slightly earlier than planned due to the special election for state senate.

Are you planning to run for office this spring? Let us know in the comments section below, or declare your intentions in a Patch blog or announcement.


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