Woman's,fitness program. Be a Bodhi woman.

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Our Bodhi woman program is designed for middle aged women who are now awakening to the fact that they need to prepare themselves for the upcoming life cycles that they are going to go through at middle age. You should be looking to go the distance pain free, functional and happy in your own skin and mentally in the moment connected with all your beautiful attributes. Be all that you can be. Be a Bodhi girl!

Bodhi  woman means “awakened woman”.

How do you feel, and most of all how are you doing? What are you doing?  I’m asking this question because how you look, feel and function later will be the by-product of what you do starting right now. There is no such day as someday. Do it now! Safeguard your future with like-minded, positive people. Yes. It’s all about you, and at this age, it’s about time! Make sure you are going to enjoy the rest of your life. 

Our Bodhi Woman Program is not a boot camp or new type of work out program. This is a tried and true total system that is everything you need; all in one program to awaken and empower the woman in you. The knowledge and skills you will achieve will enable you to take charge of your health and awaken in you a life style that you will never regret for you will now be a Bodhi woman!

The program includes:

• Tai/Chi for balance and relaxation. Chi/Gong for spinal alignment, healthy organs and the practice of short standing meditations.

• Active isolated stretching, to promote and maintain better joint flexibility.

• Weight lifting for bone density, muscle and tendon strength

• A bit of dance and a head full of health tips

A free self defense class for all program members, family or friends once a month. Make this your go to place. No kids, no men.  Just for you.

Day and evening classes available. 

 Pay as you go- $10.00 per class.

Six ( 6)  people needed per class. Register now !!!

All classes are taught by DiBiccari Sensei; owner and operator of Beyond Self Defense. 

For more information call: 781-246-0152  / e-mail bsdfit@gmail.com

Personal and small group training available Web site – beyondselfdefense.org


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