Meet Your Neighbor: Mark Willson

Mark is a student at UMass Lowell studying Sound Recording Technology, and is also in the band Bones.

Name: Mark Willson

Family: Mother: Joyce, Father: Rick and Cat: Rosie (AKA Roszilla - she's a large cat)

School & Major: I just finished my Junior Year at UMass Lowell, getting my degree in Sound Recording Technology

Hobbies: Skateboarding, card tricks, playing in the band Bones, wood working, and building speaker enclosures

Favorite movie: How To Train Your Dragon

Favorite book: Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass

Favorite restaurant: Applebees 

Fun fact about yourself: The first music I listened to as a kid (about 3) was Billy Idol. I'm also pretty good at replicating that two whistle bird call that you hear in the early morning and always seems to wake you up.

How long have you lived in Reading?: My whole life - so for about 21 years 

Why Reading?: I have come to appreciate Reading. Driving down a side street in the spring, the trees and all the plants bring so much color and light to the town. Reading has a great school system, and it's close to every thing I need as well as the highway. It's a very nice, suburban town.


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