North Reading Boy Scout Promotes Youth Services

Kevin Newhall produced a video to educate the community on Youth Services.

North Reading resident and Boy Scout Kevin Newhall has been working with Youth Services and since January on a video that promotes Youth Services and their programs. Newhall is hoping that this project, along with working toward badges and other requirements, will help him become an Eagle Scout. 

Newhall first joined the Boy Scouts in 2005. His dad was his inspiration and very involved in his Boy Scout career, he said.

The 18-year-old had also been involved in Youth Services since 2007, so when it came time to complete a project to become an Eagle Scout he decided to do something to benefit the program.

"North Reading Youth Services was always a major mpart of my life," Newhall said. "It gave me a lot and helped me as a person. It was something I felt very strongly about.”

After taking a video production class at his school, Phillips Academy, he decided that producing a video would be a great way to help spread awareness about Youth Services.

The project was approved by the Boy Scouts of America in January, and Newhall got to work. He gathered some of his friends and volunteers from Youth Services and Norcam and started filming.

He had to finish the project before his 18th birthday, which was Aug. 2, so worked throughout the school year and did not secure a job this summer so he was able to devote all of his time to the video.

“All the leadership skills I've learned while in scouting were what I applied to use for my project,” he said.

The purpose of the video is to educate the community about why Youth Services is relevant to the community, to make kids aware of the programs and for Youth Services to use as an aid when applying for grant money. 

Newhall is incredibly grateful to Norcam for their help with the project.

"Without their community access media this project wouldn’t have happened," he said.

Take a minute to watch the video online.


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