Reading Tween Writes Children's Book

12-year-old Katie Pelland wrote a children's book and is pursuing having it published.

Reading resident Katie Pelland will enter seventh grade at the in the fall, but she is ready to break into her career as an author right now. With J.K. Rowling as her inspiration, Pelland has completed a children's book that she plans to shop around and have published.

At only 12-years-old, Pelland knows what she wants to do with her career: become a writer.

"I just love to write," she said. "If you want to read it, write it."

She recently completed her first children's book, The Sweet Sound of Friendship, about a hamster named Ginger and a bird named Pipsqueak who live together in a pet store, according to Pelland's mom Lisa.

After Pipsqueak is purchased and taken home with a family to live out his destiny as a pet, life is not the same for Ginger. The hamster decides to try to find her friend, and an adventure begins.

She had help from one of her teachers, who acted as her editor. However, she did the writing on her own.

"We hope to submit to Highlights, Ladybug, Fun for Kidz and Hopscotch magazines," Lisa Pelland said. She has a few publishers in mind as well.

Katie Pelland, a high honor roll student, previously placed second and third in two writing contests at the during their Summer Read Program.

When she isn't writing, she likes to go horseback riding. She has been riding since she was five and competing since she was seven. Her long-term goal is to compete in the Olympics. 

Lisa Pelland is very proud of her daughter and her commitment to the project, she said. 

"I am also impressed by the the support and encouragement she has received from her teacher. To me it is refreshing to see a child be inspired to write (in a world of texting and facebook) outside of class and to want to follow a dream," she said.


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