RMHS Graduate Featured in Shape Magazine

Dina Metrano will be featured in the October issue of Shape Magazine.

Reading Memorial High School graduate Dina Metrano will be featured in the October issue of Shape Magazine in an article about how exercise helps depression.

Metrano is a group exercise trainer and director at PUMPS Fitness in Wakefield, a women's facility fitness center. Working with women constantly allows her to see how they benefit from exercise.

"The easiest excuse women have is, 'there's no time' when in fact, we all have time, you need to make time," she said.

Exercising saved her, she said, by creating natural endorphins. In the article in Shape, she shares personal experiences and hopes that will inspire other women. 

"The article is going to be great, inspiring for lots of women who suffer from depression but don't know/understand what is going on with them and/or how to help themselves," she said.

Aside form physical benefits to exercise, like having a healthy heart and good blood pressure, Metrano stressed the importance of exercising for mental health.

"I think it's really important for people to understand the mental benefit to exercise," she said.

She mentioned that it eases anxiety, allows one to focus more and builds confidence. It is especially important for tweens going through an awkward stage. Exercise increases self-esteem and helps students complete school work. 

“Like anything else, you don’t want to obsess over it, you want to find a good balance.”

She submitted a photo and a few paragraphs about how exercise had helped her to Shape a few months ago. They got back to her and decided to expand on her story in the magazine.

She completed a photo shoot on Plum Island in July and the issue should be out in mid-September. Shape provided a professional photographer, hair stylist, makeup artist and wardrobe on the set for her, Metrano told Patch.

"It was exciting, it was a lot of fun," she said.

Look for the October issue of Shape on newsstands next month.

Diana Hall September 01, 2012 at 02:23 AM
Dina is such a wonderful roll model. When I was done taking a class with Dina I felt so good stress was gone I could go on with the rest of the day feeling great I would be sore for a few days but I love that feeling because I new in the end in time I would get the results that I was looking for..I look at everything you do having 4 boys. It makes me want to be you with all that energy and strength that you have anything is possible if you want it to happen. Congratulation all you have achieved . Diana Hall


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