Share Your Memories of the Charlestown Carnival

What was so great about it, and why do you want to see it come back?

Fourth-generation townie Sean Boyle recently told the Charlestown Neighborhood Council that .

The article drew quick and strong reactions from Charlestown Patch  readers, and it made us wonder: what do you remember about the carnival? Why do you want to see it come back?

If you happen to have any photos of the old carnival, please add them.

Matt M. Casey February 10, 2012 at 03:59 PM
From our Facebook page: "The Himalaya was the best ride. They played all the best music and the cars whipped around that track so fast."
Donald Keating February 13, 2012 at 02:01 PM
One year the carnival filled the present location of Bunker Hill Community College, which before it became the site of the college was the location of the Charlestown state prison, it had rides, side shows, freak shows etc. quit a treat for kids. It was so big they would charge you just to get into the grounds.
Dave flanagan April 06, 2012 at 05:48 PM
It seems like almost everyone in town would go to the Carnival back in the late 50’s then the 60's and 70's when my friends and I would attend on the nights leading up to the Bunker Hill Day Parade.. First I remember it being held at St. Catherine's schoolyard and featured roulette wheels, the Scrambler and a Ferris wheel among other activities guaranteed to please carnival fans of all ages. It was a great place to try out various rides, enjoy the camaraderie of hanging with friends, the chance to win stuffed animals or a handful of change playing the games or roulette wheels and to shove as much cotton candy into your mouth as you could fit. .Later the Carnival moved to the old Hoods parking lot along Rutherford Avenue and we’d venture from the projects, cross Bunker and eventually wind up half way across town at Hoods. Even later the Carnival moved to Sullivan Square alongside the Schraffts Building. My memories of the Carnival include getting stranded atop the St. Cat’s Ferris wheel with my good friend Mikey Conley who made our chair rock back and forth so feverishly that I feared I’d be tosses onto the pavement below. Years later Mikey, Joey Stasio and I were stranded atop the Octopus hanging nearly upside down and again my “friend” Mike made the damn machine spin around. To this day I attribute my aversion to thrill rides to my two experiences with Mikey, yet they are memories I will never forget.


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