When Does School Close for Winter Vacation in Reading?

Reading students will be out for break in a few weeks, and we provide the details on just when the holiday season gets underway.

Winter break is just around the corner in Reading.
Winter break is just around the corner in Reading.
With the holiday season around the corner, Reading students have just a few school days left in 2013.

Students have nearly two weeks off for winter break, taking them into 2014. But when exactly does their vacation time begin?

According to the Reading Public Schools calendar on the district's website, winter break officially begins on Monday, Dec. 23, after the last day of school on Friday, Dec. 20.

Wednesday, Jan. 1, is the final day of the annual break from classes. Students will be back in the hallways of their Reading schools on Thursday, Jan. 2.

In total, students have eight days off, 12 if you include weekend days. Enjoy, and rest up for 2014!


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