Bites Nearby: Richardson’s Ice Cream Scoops Up Family Fun

Family owned for an astounding 300 years.

Inside the massive and extravagant Jordan’s Furniture, among an IMAX and the trapeze artists whizzing overhead, is perhaps the last place you would expect to find an ice cream store stocked with cartons of handmade creations sourced from a 300 year old, continuously family run dairy farm.

However, under a ceiling of faux-scoops you can find Richardson’s rows of sweet treats.  Way back in 1695, David Richardson founded a dairy farm in what is now Middleton Massachesettes, and every day since (about 115,000 days in a row), one Richardson or another has milked cows on this land. In 1952, Ben and Hazen Richardson set out to make ‘one perfect ice cream’ and the result is the ice cream 'stand' in Reading today.

All of their ice cream is categorized as super premium, with at least 16% butterfat and upon your arrival prepare yourself for a giant selection. With over 70 flavors on offer, classics like Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee line up side by side to the likes of more unique concoctions like Toll House (vanilla with baked chocolate chip cookies), Grapenut Custard (custard with Grapenuts) and even Green Tea or Crushed Ginger.

They also scoop up lots of other frozen alternatives like low fat yogurt, no sugar added ice cream, sherbet, and non dairy sorbet.  But the truly unique thing is Richardson’s continued commitment to family values. The current management is made up of 8th and 9th generation Richardson’s and family members oversee every part of the operations. These family traditions extend to both Richardson’s general feel and the way they treat customers. With their busy and carnival like location, its easy to see why this place is a hit with kids and parents.

Hours are long here as the ice cream makes a great pre or post-movie treat; they open up at 10am and don’t close until 10pm Monday – Saturday and keep the scoops coming from 11am to 7pm on Sunday as well.

The next time you and your brood are exploring the cave of wonders that is Jordan’s furniture, be sure to make a pit stop for some family made ice cream at Richardson’s.



Derek July 14, 2011 at 10:48 PM
They also have the best local milk, and the their price for milk is easily comparable or beats local supermarkets. We buy our milk at the ice cream stand every week!


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