Letter to the Editor: Voting on Question 3, Medical Marijuana

Opinion on Question 3.

Dear Editor,

In November voters will be voting on Question 3 "medical marijuana".  If passed, Question 3 would set up an exten­sive system of marijuana storefronts in our state, allow people to grow marijuana in their homes, and provide a defense to those carrying hundreds of joints under the guise of medicine. This is not about the termi­nally ill – it is about widespread marijuana abuse.

Specifically, the law would:

            * Set up 35 marijuana retail stores statewide.  These stores would be owned and operated by anyone 21 or older.  There currently are no zoning restrictions in place within communities to avoid this.

            * Allow people to grow marijuana in their home.  Your neighbor could grow pot plants in their back­yard. Your children’s friends could have marijuana growing in the bathroom or garage.

            * Allow people to carry a 60-day supply of marijuana on their personA daily dose is undefined in the law.

            * Allow virtually anyone to obtain marijuana.  The proposed legislation lists a few specific conditions, but then opens it up to “other conditions as determined in writing by a qualifying patient’s physician.”

            * Increase marijuana use among youth.  In California 70% of teenagers that smoke marijuana report getting it from someone with a prescription card.

Since decriminalization passed in 2008, Massachusetts has seen a considerable rise in youth marijuana use; rates are now 30% higher than that of the nation. One in three teenagers use marijuana regularly in the Mass.  More youth are in treatment for marijuana addiction than for alcoholism.

A recent poll shows that support for the legalization of “medical” marijuana is dramatically falling as voters learn more about the details of the question. 

Get educated about the loopholes that would lead to the same negative effects that other states with 'medical marijuana' laws are furiously working to reverse. 

You can learn more at:  MAVOTENOONQUESTION3.com


Maureen Vacca

118 Chestnut St.

North Reading, MA

(978) 664-0242

JIM October 29, 2012 at 05:55 PM
Actually it IS about the terminally ill.
Robert J Casaletto January 04, 2013 at 04:49 AM
I agree it isn't a healthy thing. Legalizing that is. Both legalizing pot and also the way the article plasters it's paranoia all over this page. The way the law is set up the Federal Government can come in and crush and close all the stores and rip up all the pot plants. Marijuana Addiction??? Now that one has me!!! More than alcohol addiction??? Alcohol is legal and there are many functional alcoholics who aren't counted. Pot heads do not go through physical withdrawal. Opiates, alcohol, tobacco, Meth, coke caffeine and many more. Never heard of pot though. It would in my opinion be more a mental addiction which then should be just called addiction and carried along with all of the rest including the above and gambling, sex etc etc. Think about it.


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