Please Don't Help My Kids

A Patch blogger's post about not helping her children on the slide is being debated across the country.

A Patch blog from Alameda, CA, called “Please Don’t Help My Kids” has struck a nerve with readers across the country.

Posted in September, the blog has taken off over the past few weeks as it has found a second life through social media sharing. The blog has 124,000 Facebook recommendations and 833 people have tweeted the blog.

The blog is an open letter to other parents at the playground. The blogger Kate Bassford Baker’s basic request is for parents to not help her daughters on the slide. She wrote that she wants her daughters to do things and learn things on their own.

Learning to walk up the slide’s ladder is the first step to learning new things and overcoming obstacles, she wrote.

“Because, as they grow up, the ladders will only get taller, and scarier, and much more difficult to climb. And I don't know about you, but I'd rather help them learn the skills they'll need to navigate them now, while a misstep means a bumped head or scraped knee that can be healed with a kiss, while the most difficult of hills can be conquered by chanting, ‘I think I can, I think I can,’ and while those 15 whole feet between us still feels, to them, like I'm much too far away,” she wrote.

Read "Please Don’t Help My Kids" by clicking on this sentence.

What do you think? Do you agree with the concept that children should do these things on their own or do you think it’s unwise to allow children that freedom?

mats February 11, 2013 at 06:32 PM
so well said Bill
mats February 11, 2013 at 06:33 PM
we live in a tough city and that is exactly why I hovered - we are far removed from the golf set -
mplo February 13, 2013 at 03:09 PM
Sure, but those events were freaky, but extremely rare occurrences, Brenda. Most kids don't end up like that.
mplo February 26, 2013 at 03:45 PM
Brenda; Most parents bring up children until the children are strong enough to go off and live independently and on their own. One doesn't have to be a parent to realize that one of the purposes of being a parent is to bring up a kid in such a way so that s/he will grow up to be a happy, independent adult who's able to think for him or herself. Most parents, as much as they love their kids, don't look forward to having their children living at home with them all their lives. While it's true that kids grow up and achieve independence at different rates (some faster or some slower than others.), it's still better for a kid to become independent enough to want to live separately from his or her parents. I know your kid's only five years old, but he can't be overprotected forever, unless a kid has severe enough handicaps, etc., that make it absolutely necessary.
Lee Coytemore April 06, 2013 at 04:17 PM
this is Typical 'Liberal behaviour' sickness that 'one' over-reacts consistently in the "prediction of Calamity", and 'fear mongering' without justification. Overly intervening in the lives of other people for their own personal need to feel secure and safe while maintaining to provide these Catastrophic Conclusions All While under the possible discretionary use of Dr. Prescribed medication. -and of course, the alltering effects in the use of 'Koolaid'. -Mind your OWN Business, and Keep away from My kids. Now a days There are ''Know-it-all's" everywhere with overly exessive information, and unpaid student loans. - keep yourselves Busy and go paint a barn.


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