Reading Patch Readers Prefer Market Basket

In last week's POLL: Which Local Grocery Store Do You Prefer, Reading Patch Readers choose Market Basket two to one.

Last week, Patch asked our readers: , Stop and Shop or Market Basket?

The results are in. By a two to one victory, readers picked Market Basket over Stop and Shop. With a total of 221 votes, Market Basket took 67 percent of the vote (149) and Stop and Shop had 33 percent (72).

Here are some of the comments people shared on why they voted the way they did.

M wrote: "If I go to a Market Basket, it's worth the trip to me to go to the one on rt 38 in Wilmington - feels like the aisles are a foot wider & entire store much larger. It feels like any time I'm in the Reading store, regardless of time of day or day of week, at all aisles except frozen goods has at least one, if not two, employees set of with a large pallet restocking."

SMS wrote: "I do find a $20 difference in shopping orders when going to S&S and MB. But $20 is worth every ounce of my sanity, I leave MB aggravated."

Cher wrote: "MB for overall much lower prices and no need to carry another shopping card. I can shop off-hours to avoid the crowds. S&S has some good loss-leaders to get you in the store, so if you cherry pick you can get some good buys."

Donna Packer added: "I hate the crowds at MB so I go to stop&shop. also love the gas points. meats are alot better deli is better. I just like stop&shop so much better."

There was also some love for the old Atlantic Market that has unfortunately closed its doors.

VS posted: "I loved going to The Atlantic and miss it dearly...I still miss the Atlantic and feel two mega grocery stores next to each other is a little over-the-top (whether the Town knew what was going in there or not)."


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