Reading Patch Readers Prefer to have Thanksgiving at Home

In last week's poll we asked: would you rather host Thanksgiving dinner or travel to someone else's home?

By a two to one margin, Reading Patch readers thought that hosting Thanksgiving was preferable to traveling for Turkey day.

With 13 out of the 19 votes (68 percent) Reading readers chose, "Host; it may be extra work, but it feels special to have the holiday in my own home."

6 people, (31 percent) voted for: "Travel; I don't enjoy preparing my home for that kind of event."

Donna added her thoughts on the matter when she commented: "New England is the birthplace of Thanksgiving! I love to host...it is work...but easier than dealing with traffic and then after all that food...you can't just pass out on someone's couch..but you can go up to your own bed and take a good rest! Happy Holidays Everyone!"

She made an interesting point with being at home, after the tryptophan from the turkey kicks in, your bed is only a few steps away!

Let Reading Patch know how your Thanksgiving went and whether you spent the day at home, or ended up going out for the holiday.


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