Social Media Saturday is Now Engagement Weekly

Now featuring comments posted on our Patch homepage.

Here at Wilmington Patch , social media is a big deal.

Social media is one way we interact with you, answer your questions and get to see what's on your mind. Engagement Weekly is our new twist on Social Media Saturday. We highlight your questions and thoughts you've shared on Facebook and other media throughout the past week, and no we'll also be sharing some top comments from the Wilmington Patch site.

We'll also point you to some new and interesting pages you may not have known about before.

Overheard on Facebook

Here is a sampling of comments and happenings on our Facebook page and the social media world from the past week:

  • This was a huge week for the Wilmington Patch Facebook page. Last week we had 781 followers, and within just one week we spiked all the way up to 819! That's a grand total of 38 new followers in the last seven days. Keep spreading the word so we can reach our goal of and surpass 1,000!
  • On Saturday the football team fell on the road to Lexington. John Foley is an optimist though. "All is not lost, boys varsity soccer picked up a win 5-3," he wrote on our status.
  • Wednesday was an extremely busy day in Wilmington. , and in total we had more than 100 comments within a span of about three hours. Thanks to our readers, we were able to keep our pulse on what areas of town had power, and which parts were out. Jon Richards was one of our eyes in the field. "I saw the source of the problem," he said. "On Commerce Way in Woburn the electrical workers knocked down one of those huge high tension transmission lines. No traffic lights working anywhere in that area!"
  • Also on Wednesday we posted a story about Ryan Fitzgerald, an . Fitzgerald tracked him to a waiting car, wrote down the plate number and helped police arrest the Lowell man and his sister. "Great job Ryan," Terri wrote in the comments section of the story. "Two less thieves on the streets for a while."
  • There was a frost warning in town on Friday, and on our Five Things You Need to Know story on Friday, Rina Watney put things into perspective. "I like it, the mosquitos probably die this morning," she said.
  • Stacie Murphy tried to spread the word about a furry friend that was found in the area. "FOUND DOG ~ Dog found roaming on route 38 near the Wilm/Tewksbury line," she wrote on the Wilmington Patch home page. "No collar, beautiful dog. Please help!"
  • Did you know you can write reviews of local businesses on our site? It's simple. Just go to the Places section of the site, and select any business. Helen did this week, and she sang the praises of . "The care that my grandmother received here, both for many short term rehab stays and for eventual hospice care, was amazing," wrote Helen, who gave the business five stars. "The rehab staff is spectacular and got her strong enough to go home, even when it seemed impossible! And the long term care staff treated her and my family with such kindness and compassion in her final days. Thank you all, so much!"

Social Media page of the week

  • We've got to give some love to Jerry Ferrara, one of the stars of HBO's hit series Entourage. Before an appearance on ESPN's College GameDay Live last weekend, Ferrara, who plays "Turtle," sported a Patch shirt to show love for the source he follows for local news. Return the favor, and follow his Facebook fan page!

Your town on Facebook

  • For more Facebook pages Wilmington residents might find interesting, check out our list of "liked" pages on Wilmington Patch's Facebook. And don’t forget to follow Wilmington Patch on Facebook. You also can follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/wilmingtonpatch.


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