What Do You Do If Your Child Says Something Inappropriate in Public?

Kids say whatever is on their minds, so what should you do if it is something inappropriate and you are in public?

Each week in Moms Talk, our Moms Council of local parents takes your questions, gives advice and shares solutions.

Today, we to ask the question: What do you do if your child says something inappropriate in public?

Kat Lynch

We've had several instances of this, for better or worse. The most
uncomfortable was when we were riding in an elevator and my son said
to me, "Mom, that man is fat!" Being stuck while the elevator continued was oddly helpful, though; it meant Miles had to stay put
and apologize.

In that case and others, I first quickly explain why what he said is
inappropriate, because at his age he often doesn't know that he's said
something wrong/offensive. I try to sound as neutral as possible and
explain how it may make someone feel bad; he'll react poorly if he
feels like he's being yelled at or singled out. Then I apologize to
anyone involved, and ask Miles to apologize. It has been effective so
far - these gaffes all happen once but then not again.

Chris Fuccione July 06, 2011 at 05:03 PM
If you consider the internet the public then I'm guilty of always saying inappropriate things in public. Good thing is my family is not on the internet that much to see the words of wisdom that comes out of my keyboard.


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