Where is the Best Florist in the Reading Area?

Valentine's Day is approaching, and, unless you like sleeping on the couch, don't screw this up!

Well, now that the grievous wounds and insults our local professional football franchise suffered on Sunday have, at least slightly, subsided from memory, it’s time to get down to the business of Valentine’s Day.

Welcome to the “bring me the head of the man who invented those awful little candy hearts” edition of Patch Picks!

Listen up guys: we know the football season is a marathon, not a sprint, and you know who else realizes this? That special lady in your life. She put up with those flecks of Doritos and Cold Cuts spewing from the corners of your mouth as you screamed at referees and clueless defensive backs all season long, and you know what? She deserves all the bells and whistles come Valentine’s Day.

But where to start? You’ve got a wallet full money and a heart full of good intentions, but what comes next?

Why not start with the classics—flowers. What’s that you say? But you don’t know of any florists with acceptable credentials?

Never fear, chum. We shall poll the populace, because Reading Patch has you covered!

We want to know: Where is the best florist in the Reading area?

Provide the florist's name, address and a brief reason why it's noteworthy in the comments section below or in an email to Reading Patch Editor Andrew Jeromski at a.jeromski@gmail.com. The results will be posted in an article next Thursday.

Also, do you have a great idea for a future topic to feature on Patch Picks? Tell us in the comments.


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