Are Drugs/Alcohol A Problem At Reading and North Reading High Schools?

New national study indicates that drug and alcohol use during the school day is a bigger problem than previously thought.

According to a new study by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, roughly 17 percent of American high school students engage in smoking, drinking or doing drugs during the school day.

The study also said that approximately 86 percent of students indicated that they knew of classmates who abuse drugs or alcohol during the school day.

This was the 17th such study conducted by the NCASA. The group interviewed more than 1,000 students ages 12-17, according to an article appearing on Huffington Post.

Perhaps more disturbing aspects to the survey included roughly 50 percent of the students indicating there was a place on there campus where students reguarly went to do drugs or drink alcohol. And about 44 percent said they knew of a classmate selling drugs, according to the Huffington Post article.

So we pose these questions to Reading and North Reading Patch readers -- How big of a problem is drug and alcohol use at and and do you feel enough is being done to combat it?

Use the comment section to post your responses.

Sal Rege August 29, 2012 at 11:03 AM
Yes there is widespread use of legal and illegal drugs in the schools. That raises the question of whether the health classes that from Middle School on drum away at the kids about not smoking or doing drugs are helping at all or possibly making things worse. It is not "cool" to follow the advice of adults in health class, is it?
Dan August 29, 2012 at 11:47 AM
I too see a problem in the school age kids. It seems like heroin is running wild.
Jane August 29, 2012 at 01:00 PM
Serious problem in Reading just look at our championship hockey team as an example I know boys on that team arrested for underage drinking, abusing cough meds and cold meds, caught with illegal drugs and lastly dead due to drugs. I am not saying all of the boys were involved but I do know of several.
James Scott August 29, 2012 at 04:58 PM
If you're not saying all the boys on the hockey team are to blame, why even bother mentioning it? I'm sick and tired of hearing people (a.k.a. news stations, newpapers, and ignorant citizens) single out the hockey team like that. Everyone is quick to blame these group of kids and it's not fair to the players who don't do drugs. It's a problem in the town not in the Burbank lockerroom.
Donald Green MD August 29, 2012 at 05:39 PM
The Reading-North Reading communities need community based outpatient treatment and follow up services. By recognizing the problem and signaling to youngsters that their town wants to help may bring in more for successful treatment. Getting people clean also may stop the continuation to other youth. It can be both healing and preventive. Unfortunately we can not solely educate or arrest our way out of this problem.
Rob August 29, 2012 at 06:43 PM
James - you'd have to admit the hockey team had a higher than average rate of appearance on the police logs over the past couple years. Maybe it was just a bad group of kids that all happened to be hockey players. Maybe it was one bad influence and his friends that followed happened to be hockey players. But you can't deny there was an issue with that team.
Denise Wyer August 29, 2012 at 08:38 PM
That hockey team was no different than any other segment of society. A few players had troubles that were highly publicized for many reasons, but there were many more players who have gone on to lead successful and productive lives. Many of the players from the Super 8 winning team graduated college this past spring, and many more are continuing their education and some continue to play hockey. I am tired of people referring to that team every time there is a problem in town. Please stop generalizing and painting a lot of very good kids with a reputation they do not deserve.
Liawatha August 29, 2012 at 11:44 PM
The RMHS football team is pretty bad too.
Liawatha August 29, 2012 at 11:46 PM
Liawatha August 29, 2012 at 11:49 PM
and mellophone players http://reading-northreading.patch.com/articles/rmhs-alumnus-at-unh-arrested-in-drug-raid
Cheryl Buono August 30, 2012 at 01:38 AM
@Denise, I'm tired of people ignoring the problem and saying things like "That hockey team was no different than any other segment of society" (BTW, isn't that generalizing). It was all about winning, otherwise why did coaches and parents look the other way (don't tell me that you didn't know what was going on). Why didn't the good kids help their team mates? The recent arrests illustrate clearly that nothing has changed. Go Rockets!
M August 30, 2012 at 04:42 AM
Drugs, Alcohol are affecting all kids whether there playing sports or not. Some kids hide it better than others. The drug issue is everywhere and I believe kids that have been recovering should speak too there peers and help other boys,girls may think again of taking that first drink or the first pill or that first haul. Parents are thinking well I did it and I turned out fine. The drugs now are not the same these drugs turn your child into someone you know you didn't bring up to be. We need to educate kids parents and help them understand there not alone.We need to let them know not too give up too be there for your child. We need help on educating ourselves on where to go what to do. We need to remember our children come first before anything else. Remember don't judge a person by its cover it's what's inside that matters.
Ashley Troutman August 30, 2012 at 12:24 PM
Comments have been deleted on this article due to personal attacks. Please be civil when commenting.
Randi DeLoreto August 30, 2012 at 01:54 PM
Listen people....the problem is not only with the hockey team or the football team...it's with all kids...in all communities....in all towns...from all different types of families. The problem is more than your little world. Education starts at home. Some parents need to stop popping the pills themselves and realize that kids are impressionable. They see you doing it then why is it not okay for them? And heroin...where do you think they are buying it from.....adults in the community. Take your blinders off and stop the "not my child" attitude.
Peregrinecam September 04, 2012 at 11:01 PM
Excuse my typos in that past comment I am usually more clean with my grammer. Anyways to continue, every town will have their outstanding cases of substance use, and the high profile doom stories of kids who messed up. Its not like those kids are running around the school telling every freshman to drink a beer. If you want to positively effect the youth of reading talk to your own kid and make sure he is straight and responsible. Other than that you can yap your faces off and try and blame everyone, but the bottom line is kids will abuse drugs and alcohol in highschool, many can manage this lifestyle quite well and many cant. Its a part of kids lives these days learning to manage drugs and alcohol themselves, and your responsibility to stear them in the right direction. I would pose the question, would you rather have a drug free Reading full of subdued, controlled youth or a town of smart and savvy youth who manage the threats and benefits of substance use on their own?
Peregrinecam September 04, 2012 at 11:16 PM
ANNNNDDDDD what are you talking about dan "I too see a problem in the school age kids. It seems like heroin is running wild." this is ridiculously infantile please post so i can ruin you in a debate
01867 September 05, 2012 at 12:11 AM
Most of these comments include generalizations. Hockey is a sport, not a mentality. Not all hockey players do drugs. Not every person who graduates from RMHS has done drugs. That is not to mean that there is not a problem in Reading with drugs. I graduated from RMHS, and am proud to say I was on the girls’ hockey team. Being in school with many of the people referenced here I think it is unfair to say that the good kids did not help their teammates. Being in high school you have a lot to deal with, between school and athletics. Many of the “good kids” on the boys’ team had a lot of pressure on them from their coaches, parents, and teammates. It is the responsibility of the parents not the other kids. I know Mrs. Wyer’s son and he is a good person. I’m sick of hearing about the hockey team. It’s about the parents. Hopefully having a new AD who will not look the other way will help as well.
Cheryl Buono September 07, 2012 at 02:11 AM
http://www.boston.com/sports/hockey/articles/2012/09/05/report_bu_hockey_has_sex_entitlement_culture/ Nope, not hockey!
This Guy September 07, 2012 at 10:13 PM
"On one level, what our work found is something that is common at any big school or college or university that has elite athletic programs and that is that there is a subset of the population for whom the athletes are considered stars and receive adulation and special treatment," Provost Jean Morrison said not just the hockey team stated right there. They clearly state these kids are brought up thinking they are allstars and can do whatever they want look at Dukes lacrosse team a few years back. To blame the hockey team is unfair and unjust..the parents and the establishments that treated these kids like stars are more to blame. Buono you clearly have a whole seperate issue with the hockey team and must be losing your kids to drugs solely because you do not know how to raise a teen. Im tired of seeing adults blame other people for their kids actions it is time for all of you to man up and learn to educate your kids on drugs and life and stop preaching to everyone else how they need to save society when it is your doing.
Charles Towne September 07, 2012 at 10:58 PM
Are Drugs/Alcohol A Problem At Reading High School? Apparently, yes. 38 Minors Charged With Possession of Alcohol in Reading


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