'Hockey Dad' Released From Prison After Completing Sentence

Release comes after years of unsuccessful appeals and parole bids.

Thomas Junta, the Reading "hockey dad" convicted of killing another father at a July 2000 scrimmage at the Burbank Ice Arena, was released from prison today.

A spokesperson for the Massachusetts Department of Corrections said the department released Junta because he completed his sentence.

In 2002, a court sentenced the 6-foot-1, 270-pound Junta to serve six to 10 years for beating the 160-pound Michael Costin of Lynnfield to unconsciousness and causing the injuries that killed Costin the following day.

The state parole board rejected Junta's bid for early release in 2008, saying he had not shown any remorse for Costin's death, but his lawyers continued to appeal his conviction.

Earlier this month, The US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in Boston rejected an appeal from Junta's lawyers, who argued that the prosecution suppressed evidence that could have helped Junta during his trial.

A call to the Junta residence was neither answered nor immediately returned.

Updated 8/27 to correct Costin's town of origin.

david October 29, 2011 at 07:33 PM
i met thomas junta while he was out on bail @ the charlotte church concert@p.p.a.c.in downtown providence,he was sitting with the govenor and his family,i wonder why he was charged with a lesser crime,hhhhmmmmm,i was yelling for an encore,he took offense too my loudness and tried too intimidate me during the intermission,i then realized who he was,and told him to back the fuck off in front of everyone in the lobby,and he did. we did get more than one encore by charlotte. the end.


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