New Victim Emerges in Reading Man's Fraud Case

Ikponmwosa Ogiugo is currently being held under house arrest.

Another victim of forgery was discovered this past weekend, which may be in relation to a case involving a Reading resident who is allegedly behind a string of identity fraud, forgery and larceny incidents, according to the Daily Times Chronicle.

The complaint was filed on Saturday morning, the Chronicle said, and is the second recent complaint that accuses the Reading man, Ikponmwosa Ogiugo, of 7 Lakeview Ave., of filing a false tax return.

Ogiugo used to work as a newspaper delivery man and a customer of his was the person to file the complaint. The victim was in contact with his bank regarding a phony $1,200 check that was cashed last August, the Chronicle said. Like the others, this victim wrote checks to Ogiugo to tip him for his delivery services. One of those checks was allegedly copied and forged. It was written out to a stranger for $1,200, according to the Chronicle.

The victim was reimbursed by the bank, but recently received a letter from the IRS regarding a request for a tax filing extension for his 2011 return.

According to the Chronicle, Ogiugo allegedly stole thousands by gaining access to victim's checking accounts while working as a newspaper delivery person. After investigators received complaints from Ogiugo’s customers, they looked into the Reading man in Dec. of last year and found that he was allegedly behind a complex forgery and larceny scheme.

Ogiugo allegedly stole personal and bank account information from his customers and created counterfeit checks totaling more than $200,000.

He pled not guilty to 12 counts of identity fraud, 23 counts of forgery, five counts of larceny over $250, and one count of larceny over $250 by check last month. Because prosecutors fear that the Nigerian national is a flight risk he was held on $5,000 cash bail and asked to turn over his passport. He is now under house arrest with an electronic monitoring bracelet.

His next court date is on April 10.


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