Prosecutor: Ronan Murder Motivated by Revenge

Prosecutors believe the suspect linked Quinlan Junta, then Joseph Ronan with an earlier crime against him.

The Reading Memorial High School alumnus charged with was allegedly motivated by revenge, according to prosecutors.

Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Dunigan told Woburn Superior Court Monday that John Burke had been robbed in his Revere apartment in April and came to believe that had committed, arranged or been involved the crime.

He was so convinced that Junta had been behind the crime, Dunigan said, that ”the night before the homicide in this case… he appeared to be following Quinlan Junta.”

Some time in the next 24 hours, though, she said, he apparently became convinced that Ronan had been involved.

The following day, she said, it appears that Burke traveled to Ronan’s home under the guise of purchasing Percocet and fired the three shots that killed the .

She told the court that the investigation found the shots had struck Ronan once in the back of the head, once in the back of the neck and once in the left side of the chest.

The investigation also found latex gloves which tested positive for gunshot residue in the vehicle that Burke had been using, Dunigan said.

Following her presentation, the court granted Dunigan’s request that Burke be held without bail while awaiting trial.

Tim Flaherty, Burke’s attorney, argued that Burke was not a flight risk as he had strong connections to the Reading area, but the court was not swayed.

Burke will next visit the court on Dec. 12 for a pretrial conference.

Grieving Friend June 26, 2012 at 11:36 PM
"In 2008, among persons with substance dependence or abuse, the proportion with dependence on or abuse of illicit drugs also was associated with age: 60.6% of youths aged 12 to 17 were dependent on or abused drugs compared with 37.4 percent of young adults aged 18 to 25 and 24.3% of adults aged 26 or older." comes from http://www.inspirationsyouth.com/Teen-Addiction-Statistics.asp What are the odds of your son or daughter getting involved in drugs? They're surrounded by it every day! Drugs are being sold in their schools! My own nephew witnessed the selling of drugs in his school & was afraid for his life even though his involvement was just the knowledge of what was going on! He knew if he reported it his life would be in danger! Nobody is immune to this. I know too many people who have been affected by this. Think about this when you criticize or pass judgement on Joe, especially in the absence of hard evidence & facts, which will soon come out during the trial. Instead, pray that it never happens to you & count your blessings if it hasn't. Because the odds are high that in some way, parents will be impacted by this with their own sons & daughters! Instead, pray for Joe & his family & understand what they are going through. Joe did not deserve to die. His parents did not deserve to lose him. Put yourself in their shoes & don't bash their dead son. It could happen to you. Please have respect. Let the trial unfold. Let everyone grieve Joe in peace.
eddie o February 03, 2013 at 01:12 PM
wake up steve ronan was selling and was trying to get out of dodge by going into the marines.
Grieving Friend February 03, 2013 at 02:02 PM
First of all, eddie o, his name was not Steve. It was Joe. So that indicates you did not know Joe. Second, eddie o, are you saying it was acceptable for Joe to be murdered in cold blood? Because this is what it's all about!
Steve February 24, 2013 at 04:04 AM
Hi Eddie O... I was just notified that you decided to comment on a statement that I made over a year ago about the Murder of Joe Ronan. If you have information about his murder, I would be more than willing to talk about it one on one and privately. I certainly will not be conversing with you via the Reading Patch.
devils dandruff April 13, 2013 at 10:23 AM
the D.A. hit it on the button.Ronan and Junta broke into his apt. and stole his drugs. Wake up RA.Reading has one of the highest rates of Herion addicts in the state.They try to hide it .guess how many Reading kids o.d.in the last 10 years?It is in the hundreads.At least15 deaths.Wake up Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!


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