Where Does the Money Paid for Speeding Tickets Go?

If you pay a speeding ticket, where does the money go?

Welcome to You Asked...Patch Answers where we answer readers questions. We recently received questions about speeding tickets. Patch readers want to know where the money goes when a speeding ticket is paid. Here's your answer.

When someone pays a fine for speeding and other moving violations, the money does not go to the town, it goes to the state.

According to the , the money goes back into the general fund for the state. A portion eventually gets back to Reading, but there is no specific amount. The money returns to the town as the state deems necessary.

Specifically, all payments for citations are sent to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, according to . Legislation and regulations determine where the money goes. In the state of Massachusetts, speeding tickets have an additional $50 surcharge. A portion of that, $30, goes to the Head Injury Treatment Services Trust Fund and $20 of it goes to the Massachusetts General Fund, said North Reading Police. 


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