2012 Election: US Congress, District 6

Details about the US Congress race.

Position Description

Congressmen are elected officials from each state that are responsible for creating laws and making decisions regarding issues such as federal tax rates, government funds and more. 


  • John Tierney
  • Richard Tisei
  • Daniel Fishman


Tierney vs. Globe on Tax Returns

Tisei Outraises Tierney in Second Quarter

Tierney Blasts Tisei Over Tax Cuts

VIDEO: Tierney Speaks to Congress on Student Loans

Tierney Reaches Out To New Voters In Reading

District 6 War Sees Cyberspace Battlegrounds

Tisei: I'm Not an Extremist [VIDEO]

The Elephant in the Race: Gay Republican Candidacy

Student Loans At Issue In Congressional Race

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Endorses Tisei

Take a look at all of our election coverage here.


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