Does Town Have Surplus Salt From Last Year?

In our latest You Ask...Patch Answers, we look at whether last year's mild winter will pay off this year.

Last year was a mild winter, but will Wilmington reap the benefits this year?

Reader Kevin MacDonald asked that question in this week's version of How Wilmington Spent Your Money.

"Is there a surplus of salt from from last year?" asked MacDonald in the comments section.

Town Manager Jeff Hull provided the answer to that question, and it's good news for the town.

"The supply of road salt was not fully depleted from last season due to the good graces of Mother Nature," said Hull. "As a result the town did not need to fully resupply the salt shed."

Hull said that while the town did have to purchase some road salt, the amount was much smaller than in previous years.

"After the close of the winter season last year, the Department of Public Works ordered enough road salt to 'top off' the supply that was on hand at the time," said Hull.

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