How Much Will Taxes Increase Due to the Library Project?

Find out how much residents' tax bills will increase for the next 10 years.

Reading voters agreed to fund the Reading Public Library renovation project 65 to 34 percent at the polls this week. What does the Debt Exclusion override mean for the town and how much will taxes go up?

The estimated cost for the project is $14.9 million. However, now that residents supported the project at the polls, Reading will secure a $5.1 million grant from the Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program, according to the Daily Times Chronicle. As for the tax increase, a resident living in a $400,000 home is looking at an additional $150 increase on their tax bill for the next 10 years to fund the project, the Chronicle said.

A project manager and architect need to be selected for the project and library operations will need to be moved temporarily before they break ground, the Chronicle said.

“This is wonderful news,” said Library Director Ruth Urell in the article. “We will be restoring a beautiful and cherished historic building to serve as Reading’s library well into the 21st century. The renovations and addition will allow for a library design that meets all of the community’s needs, as well as eliminating safety and compliance concerns.”

Bill April 05, 2013 at 12:34 PM
Nobody in this town has the right to complain since they got what they voted for and deserved. 3,000 people turning out to vote is a complete embarrassment, and the other 80% of the citizens who didn't should be ashamed (but they will be the first ones to gripe when their tax bills come in). $150 per year is a best case scenario as the cost to build will certainly increase over time and will end up closer to $18M to complete. And to suggest that this increase is only for ten years is incredibly ignorant. Do you think the tax will disappear after the library is complete and our taxes will decrease? Ya, right....
mary m April 05, 2013 at 01:40 PM
Bill. You are so right. Was this the first time a prop 2 1/2 override request was a blank check? Personally I think that those of us who took the time to review the plans and understand the tax implications should not be punished. We should have a waiver from the future taxes of this project. Now for the wait and see game because we still have yet to hear from the school department on their two projects--all day kindergarten and the Kilham school. Which project will come to the table asking for funding first, Kilham which needs and deserves the upgrade or the next new shiny object sure to capture the vote of the younger residents.
Thomas J. Ryan February 15, 2014 at 10:50 AM
The name of the school is killam, as in J. Warren Killam School. Also, the $3.5 million request is an exclusion, not an override.
The Sig February 25, 2014 at 07:53 AM
People that step up and run for office today are warriors not professionals. The result is unprofessional people making decisions that are out of their comfort zone. Wasn't Wood End a bad decision? Politicians are not in office to please everyone they each have their own agenda and wants and then leave office so they do not have to stand by their bad decisions. Reading Woods another bad decision. So lets make another bad decision renovate an old building and try to bring it into the future for our young people to enjoy. Keep in mind these young people will have all the information they will ever need in the palms of their hands and their social skills will diminish so they will not be hanging around the library. How many kids today say hey I'll meet you at the library? Not many. You keep reading about cuts made to libraries because there is less and less activity going on there. They elderly people that they claim will use the New Old Library will all be driven out of town or will have heart attacks when they receive their new tax bills. Maybe what we need is a virtual library with virtual repairs, with a virtual librarian that has a virtual salary and virtual pension. Sounds good doesn't it. The town will be able to pass on a virtual tax hike. So what we need now are virtual politicians. Step back, see if there are any wants that our previous politicians wanted that we don't want anymore and stop the want. If you can find enough wants to eliminate you will be able to spend the savings on a need. This is how each and everyone of our budgets work to run our households. We do not live or survive on virtual budgets to do real things. We the people that do not step up and do the political thing should get out and do our civic duty and VOTE so we can stop the craziness and stop the spending...Its all common sense. If you do not have the money you can not spend the money. Have a nice day and make someone smile...GET OUT AND VOTE ITS THE LAST THING WE HAVE THAT THE POLITICIANS HAVE NOT TAKEN AWAY FROM US. THEY MAY CHANGE THE DATE TO MAKE IT INCONVIENIENT BUT WE CAN USE AN ABSENTEE BALLOT.
mary m February 25, 2014 at 05:45 PM
When will the officially worded ballot be available at town hall for the absentee ballot to be used? Can we get an official release of it thru the Patch please


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