Lengthy Town Meeting Featured Key Votes [VIDEO]

A look back at Saturday's Annual Town Meeting.

It took most of the day on Saturday, but residents .

In a six-hour session, about 150 voters approved the town’s operating budget and several other purchases, including the acquisition of land at 9 Cross Street known as .

“I think today the most gratifying vote was the unanimous vote on the purchase of Yentile Farm,” said Town Manager Michael Caira following the meeting. “Voters really made a great decision there and we’re well positioned now to pay for it without impacting tax payers, and hopefully to develop it into a first class recreational facility.”

The Yentile Farm vote was a resounding approval. Residents passed it by a 122-0 count.

Resident Kevin MacDonald brought eight petitioned articles before the town, several asking voters to reconsider . All eight of those items failed.

In addition, MacDonald stepped to the microphone for nearly every item, asking residents to make cuts in a variety of departments.

Town Moderator James Stewart made a ruling on one of MacDonald’s questions at about 3:30 p.m., to which MacDonald responded, “Thank you, Mr. Stewart, for telling me something I already know.”

With the meeting about four hours long at that point, Stewart ruled that it would be the final remark MacDonald would make.

“I try to deal with people as respectfully as possible,” said Stewart. “But there is a limit to my patience, and I just got there.  Mr. MacDonald, it’s over. Enough. Chief (Begonis), please get him out of here.”

Caira had several exchanges of his own with MacDonald during the day, and said after the meeting that

“The voters seemed very informed and weren’t at all swayed by repeated inaccuracies that were coming out,” said Caira. “In the end you have faith in those folks who came out. And the people who came really care. Sure you’d like to have more residents, a larger demonstration of support or at least opinion. But in the end, things worked out OK.”

Residents passed all items on the warrant the Board of Selectmen recommended, including the purchase of equipment for the , and .

Wilmington Middle School received funding for a wireless connection, and several town buildings will have new roofs installed.

Saturday served as Caira’s last annual meeting as Town Manager. Still, Caira said he looks forward to taking part in the vote from the other side of the fence.

“I promise I will try not to talk too much,” joked Caira.


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