Letter to the Editor: Delaney Offers His Candidate Statement

Send your election letters to the editor by noon Friday, April 29.

First, I wish to thank all of you, who put your trust in me and elected me to the Board of Selectman in 2008.

Each decision I have made has been with the best interest of you, the voters, in mind. Again, I ask you to cast your vote for me. I remain not a politician, but a fellow taxpayer; homeowner; and parent.

We are still in the midst of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. This has put great strain on the town’s resources. State aid has decreased and local mandates remain unfunded.

In my next term, my number one priority will be to continue the fight for reform at both the state and local level. I want to make sure that you receive value for every tax dollar you pay. We live in a community that offers high level of services from all our departments and employees.

However, I believe we can do better, especially in striking a proper balance between quality education and government services.

I am a graduate of Boston College and New England School of Law. Since 1993, I have been a practicing attorney. Currently, I am the managing partner of Rapapport & Delaney in Lowell.

I bring a unique skill set and added value to the board with my business education combined with my law office management and litigation experience. I have been able to assist the board in areas, such as financial management; contract review; contract negotiation; and litigation issues. I offer advice and counsel to North Reading as I would to any client.

In addition, I have two other top priorities. I want to see both a Wastewater Project and the Secondary School Building Project come to fruition.

I am a proponent of an affordable wastewater plan, which would initially encompass the Concord Street and the Route 28 corridor. This is crucial for commercial development resulting in residential tax relief.

In terms of the secondary school building project, a plan approved by the state, provided it makes fiscal sense, must move forward, particularly with state reimbursement slated to be approximately 50%. If the opportunity is passed upon, we will never see it again.

We will be left with school buildings, which will require several million dollars, without any reimbursement, in necessary repairs over the next few years. The students will continue to be taught in buildings, which are not up to current educational standards. This will negatively impact theirability to compete.

Regardless, if you have children in the school system, approval of a school building project will have a positive benefit on the value of your home.  North Reading will remain an attractive and viable town to reside.

In closing, I ask you to cast your vote on May 3 for me, Sean Delaney, the candidate with the education; experience; and commitment to bring about true reform and ensure that you receive value for every tax dollar spent.
Thank you.
Sean Delaney



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