'Most Important Contract' is Under Consideration

The Board of Selectmen are negotiating a new contract with Town Manager Michale Lombardo, whose contract ends in April.

Town Manager Michael Lombardo's contract expires in April, and the Board of Selectmen have begun discussion on reaching a new agreement with him

"Personally, I look forward to the discussions and will keep the town's best interests in mind at all times," Board of Selectmen Chairman David Neill told Patch.

The board sent him a letter, as required by Lombardo's contract, expressing the board desire to enter into negotiations toward the renewal of his current contract, Neill said. Lombardo replied back to the board expressing a desire to renew his contract.

The issue is on the agenda for Monday night's Board of Selectmen meeting at Hamilton Town Hall and has been listed on the agenda for many the past few weeks. Neill said because the negotiations are happening in executive session, there is not much he can say.

"Even though we may all be itching to tell you about it, we must refrain until the proper time, " he said.

In his latest review in September, Lombardo received a "solid B" from the board.

Lombardo is the town's first town manager after voters approved a change in the town's form of government in 2009. The town administrator position became the more powerful town manager position and the Board of Selectmen was expanded from three members to five members, among other changes.

"This is probably the most important contract a town can enter into," Bob Gray, a Bay Road resident told the board earlier this month as deliberations were beginning.

Concerned January 28, 2013 at 01:50 PM
I'm glad to hear there is a mutual agreement to renew Mr. Lombardo's contract. He has done an outstanding job as the towns first Town Manager and faced unusual adversity admirably. Good luck Mr. Lombardo and keep up the good work.


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