Police Deny Accusation of Using Young Offender on Stings

Reading's liquor license holders appear before selectmen.

A local business owner this week accused the Reading Police Department of using a youth with a criminal record to perform this year’s round of underage alcohol sales compliance checks.

Robert. H. Carp, owner of , made the accusation at Tuesday’s Board of Selectmen meeting, which the board had asked each of the town’s liquor license holders to attend.

“This person would have every incentive to lie. He’s trying to lower his sentence,” Carp said. “If he brings some violations, it makes him look like he’s earned his keep.”

In a statement released Wednesday, the Reading Police Department called the accusations “baseless.”

“We have done a number of these stings and check our operative prior to each operation,” said Sgt. Detective Mark Segalla. “We have never used an operative who has a criminal history and have never promised any operative consideration for their assistance.”

During the meeting, Selectman James Bonazoli said that the town doesn’t want to catch its bars and restaurants serving alcohol to minors.

“It’s a black eye to you, and it’s a black eye to us,” he said.

Why they were there

The board asked all of the town’s liquor license holders to appear before the board due to Reading’s current concern for substance abuse among youths.

In addition to the high profile cases of , and , five of Reading’s establishments failed their underage service sting in 2011 after two consecutive years with zero violations.

“If we can’t count on our establishments to hold the front line we have some cracks in our wall and it’s all starting to fall apart here,” Bonazoli said.

Bonazoli asked the license holders to work more closely with law enforcement.

Selectman Steve Goldy also noted that, in light of the current atmosphere, the board has been under pressure from the community to be less lenient with violators.

CommonSenseCitizen November 10, 2011 at 07:21 PM
Ah yes, the Wine Shop of Reading. If I am not mistaken, this was the second time they were busted for this offense. Regarding the most recent event of this past July, the other establishments accused all admitted to failures on their part. But of course people are just out to get Mr. Carp, right? Sounds to me like the owner is having a difficult time with personal responsibility-- such a pet peeve of mine. I'm glad I don't give them any business.
Renata Espanol July 02, 2012 at 12:34 AM
Did you know that this very same Mr. Carp, a rather large real estate holder in Newton/Wellsley, and married for some time for money the daughter of the infamous Garber Brothers family, is being sued for sexual harrassment by his much younger former employee/lover/girlfriend. Seems he had an affair with her, which I am sure was also not his fault either, in fact, he .... probably tripped over his pants, which he had pulled down to his ankles preventing him from walking properly and then he fell into the girl's bed, coincidentally in such a way as to result in their having had intercourse, lol. Who is this guy kidding!!!! Seems nothing on earth is his fault, likely he has an overbearing wife to whom he must make up all of these stories. Anyway, the young woman in California is suing Carp for his failure to pay her wages, the sexual harrassment and the mental anguish resulting from all of his garbage (I mean baggage). The case is currently being heard in North San Diego County where Carp had purchased a law school from the girls father. She apparently ended their brief affair, when he told her that he was married and Carp would not hear of it, coming apart at the seams and suing her entire family out of spite. Poor jilted lover Carp ... maybe he should wear spandex next time, to prevent such falls into the arms of another, more beautiful woman than Mama, lol.
Joe Veno July 02, 2012 at 10:52 AM
Sounds to me like Mr. Carp does not care who he sells to. I think the Police should check him a little more often.


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