Reading Post Office May Be Shipped Out

According to a report in the Daily Times Chronicle, the town has been informed that the Post Office may be changing.

The Reading Board of Selectmen recently received a bit of mail that they were't very excited about.

According to a report in the Daily Times Chronicle, officials were recently told that the United States Postal Service has decided it will likely relocate the retail services that are currently housed on Haven Street in Reading.

The newspaper reported that the 136 Haven Street property will be put on the market within the next week or so

“The USPS is looking at many ways to reduce costs and sale of real estate is one of those options,” said local USPS spokesperson Dennis Tarmey, according to the Daily Times Chronicle. “We are interested in determining the market for the building in Reading, while still maintaining a retail presence in the same general vicinity. That’s a priority for us.”

Board of Selectmen members responded to the news with disappointment, telling the USPS that they are "adament" that the retail portion of the Post Office remain in the downtown area, according to the report.

To read the entire story in the Daily Time Chronicle, click here.

Rob June 12, 2013 at 12:44 AM
Who do the board of selectmen think they are to have any say on whether the post office moves or not? That's arrogance at its best.
M June 12, 2013 at 02:56 AM
Is that really what the article is saying? I took it as the selectman are adamant that the post office maintain a RETAIL presence downtown. That is the window/cust service part of the post office. The Reading Post Office also appears to have a vast non-retail operation going on, with mail distribution, filling up mail trucks, sorting, etc., and I think that's the part moving to Woburn. What our selectmen seem to be saying is that they want to keep the customer/retail desk part of the post office local, vs having to send customers to another town to have a package weighed, do an express mail, do a certified mailing, etc. Not sure about whether "retail" means PO boxes,too. And here is where I make my "broken record" statement (because I keep saying it), that the Post Office would be a darned good location for that pre-K/K facility (maybe even without much change to BLDG?). It has similar interior sq. footage to RGA site, more parking, much better access (three streets abut it), assessed about the same. Just a thought.
M June 12, 2013 at 02:58 AM
Also why not rent the Post Office for 2 years as a library replacement while library s being repaired . . . add a bunch of dividers & shelves and you're 70% there, just need to wire it up for WIFI & computer access.
John Carpenter June 14, 2013 at 11:53 AM
Good idea, regarding renting the Post Office as the temp library! During that time, can we put together a team to obtain sponsorship to buy and maintain the Post Office building as Reading's first historical museum? However - does everybody realize how many post offices nationwide are rented or leased, and not USPS property? The tradition is that the party in power leases property from their supporters who own real estate (when there's a choice of facilities). These leases go on for decades, so it's guaranteed income for the landlord. That's an area that needs public attention. The leased facilities should be closed first, before closing post offices that are USPS property. Our senior Senator went to Washington with a promise to "clean up" backroom deals like this. Perhaps she would like to take the lead for uncovering this scandal, while saving millions of tax and stamp dollars with the solution??


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