Right to Repair: What Does Your Vote Mean?

Find out what your vote on Question 1 will mean.


On Nov. 6, Massachusetts voters will be asked to vote on three questions along with the state and federal political races.

Question 1, also known as Right to Repair, is asking voters whether all owners should have access to repair manuals and diagnostic information for their vehicles.

"This proposed law would prohibit any motor vehicle manufacturer, starting with model year 2015, from selling or leasing, either directly or through a dealer, a new motor vehicle without allowing the owner to have access to the same diagnostic and repair information made available to the manufacturer’s dealers and in-state authorized repair facilities," the Massachusetts Secretary of State's website says.

According to the website, a "yes" vote on Question 1 would require manufacturers to share the diagnostic information with owners and independent repair facilities.

A "no" vote would leave the law as it is, allowing manufacturers to sell or lease the information to repair facilities at their discretion.

Kevin November 01, 2012 at 11:05 PM
It actually means nothing. Its already been signed into law. But the passing and approval, which occured on July 31, was done to late for it to be taken off the ballot. So voters can, in effect, skip this question on the ballot without consequence.
Lori Doughty November 02, 2012 at 02:35 PM
Not true, the "approval" done this summer was a compromise which give the manufacturers and extra 3 years. A yes vote moves it up to 2015 from 2018.
Kevin November 02, 2012 at 09:51 PM
OK, I stand corrected then. I was going on the fact that the right to repair coalition was airing ads and still promotes on its website to skip this question entirely. And a little info digging found that manufacturers not in compliance with the law that passed (which according to one article goes into effect ON election day), will not be allowed to sell or rent their vehicles in Massachusetts. And that if the ballot question passes, the "law" passed would remain in effect until Jan 1 when the new one would take effect. Just curious as to where you read your info so I can as well. Thanks


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