Struble Won't Turn in Nomination Papers for BOS Run

There are now 12 candidates for this spring's election so far.

Several candidates have emerged for April's election.
Several candidates have emerged for April's election.
No new candidates have emerged for various elected positions in the last week, but one candidate has decided that he won't be on the ballot this spring during Reading's municipal election.

Jeffrey Struble, a current Bylaw Committee, Charter Review Committee and Town Meeting member, initially pulled papers to run for Board of Selectmen.

However, after exploring a possible run he decided against it because it would put restrictions on participating in building permits for his role as a structural engineering consultant in town.

"A time may come in the future when serving as a Selectman will be possible for me - and I do think I could do the job well - but at this point in time, I’m going to have to maintain my status quo," said Struble.

So instead of the 13 candidates to have emerged as last reported on Patch, there are now 12 in Struble's absence. Below is a complete list, as of January 21:
  • Scott L. Davarich, School Committee
  • Nicholas J. Face, School Committee
  • John E. Brzezenski, Board of Library Trustees
  • Kevin M. Sexton, Board of Selectmen
  • John R. Halsey, Board of Selectmen
  • Phillip N. Vaccaro, School Committee
  • Jeanne M. Borawski, School Committee
  • Alan E. Foulds, Moderator (Incumbent)
  • Victoria V. Yablonsky, Board of Library Trustees (Incumbent)
  • David P. Hutchinson, Board of Library Trustees (Incumbent)
  • Thomas B. O'Rourke, Reading Municipal Light Board
  • Robert H. Soli, Reading Municipal Light Board (Incumbent)
Election Day is scheduled for April 1, slightly earlier than planned due to the special election for state senate.


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