You Ask, Patch Answers: Private Airstrip Permit Request Information

Coventry Patch checked in with the Zoning Office to find out.


After receiving numerous inquiries this week, I checked in with local officials to find out some more information regarding a controversial item on the Feb. 6 Zoning Board of Review meeting agenda.

Applicant, Green Light Farm, LLC, is seeking a Special Use Permit to construct a 2,000' x 30' private airstrip and a 40' x 50' hangar with a single family residence on Assessor's Plat 330, Lot 30 on Town Farm Road, which currently contains a gravel pit.

The applicant has completed the process of converting the gravel pit into a private gravel airstrip - a project that did not require a specific permit. He continues to convert the surrounding property into farm fields for produce and pumpkins to eventually be sold at a roadside stand and plans to construct his own home and an airplane hangar in the center of the property.The airstrip resides 133 feet from the nearest property line and 550 feet from the nearest residence.

The size of the airstrip only accommodates small aircraft, such as the two personal planes that the applicant owns and plans to keep in the hangar; a 1931 Waco Biplane (23-foot wingspan, approx. 200 horse power engine) and a Cessna 172 (36-foot wingspan, 160 horse power engine). No airplane fuel will be kept on-site and the applicant will not be permitted to rent out the property or his aircraft to other pilots/passengers or give flying lessons.

According to Zoning Enforcement Officer Jacob Peabody, if the Special Use Permit application is approved, certain stipulations may apply, such as limitations regarding the size and number of planes allowed on the property at any given time. 

Before a final ruling is made on the application, the applicant will be required to schedule a specific date and time for a site walk-through and plane landing, allowing Zoning Board members and neighbors to experience the event firsthand. 

Peabody said the the Zoning Office as well as the applicant have been in communication with the RI Airport Corporation and that an inspection and safety plan would need to be completed by RI Airport Corp. representatives before the airstrip and hangar could be considered operational. 

To view the complete plans for the property, see the attached document.

RS February 06, 2013 at 11:45 PM
I live near RICON airport, really isn't an issue.....if I wasn't told there was an airport there I would never have guessed it
Sandy D February 07, 2013 at 03:52 AM
Ask the residents near his asphalt plant at 75 Airport Rd. whether he follows the rules. I think you will get a sense of whether you can take him at his word.
Sandy D February 07, 2013 at 03:59 AM
Just went to the Town Zoning Board meeting for Greenlight LLC. I have 3 questions. Are the members of this Board supposed to be open minded about their decisions? Some members appeared to already have made their decision. Has Jacob Peabody forgotten who pays his salary? Jacob your job is to protect the interests of the Town residents. Has Mr. Cote lost sight of his obligation to the taxpayers? Shame on you for asking the Zoning Board to pass the decision on to the airport regulators and not do their due diligence!
desiree rojas February 12, 2013 at 02:31 AM
We dont need an airstrip big or small in what is left of our quiet neighborhood. What happens when a plane crashes into one of our friends or family members homes, or god forbid one of.the elementary schools? What then? I lived near an air field for 2 years and my family and i had nothing but respiratory problems until we moved. This guy wants to fly his planes go to a damn airport and rent a hanger to store it in.
john April 11, 2013 at 11:50 AM
The ocassional noise on Saturdays will forever take away the silence residents currently have to sleep in on their day off and day of rest. The noise test came in at over 100 DbA. Already in violation of laws designed to protect the public. When adjacent property owners file for a tax abatement because the value of their residential land has been decrease I hope the town is ready to accept the tax loss else we have an unjust situation forced on those who purchased homes in a rural area.


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