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Think about this: for tens of thousands of years, our ancestors' audial diet consisted primarily of bird song, wind through trees, rain on earth, and the speech of other humans and animals, either spoken or sung. All of these sounds of nature were wrapped in intervals of deep silence-- which, as Oliver Wendell Holmes noted, "comes like a poultice to heal the blows of sound."

The assault placed upon our ears in our modern world would be unimaginable to those who came before us-- and not only our ears. We are composed of organs and tissue that vibrate at various frequencies. Sounds, for better or worse, have a profound effect on our psychological, spiritual, and physical health, as they penetrate to our very core. We can easily be set literally out of tune by the cacophony that comes at us every day-- jackhammers and planes, trucks and motorcycles, traffic, television, radio, phones-- the list goes on. The national standard for sirens for emergency vehicles has almost doubled in the past forty years, underlining the fact that we now live in a much louder world.

A Sound Healing Session gives us the opportunity to repair this damage, as we drink in restorative, exquisite sounds that still the soul and put us back into tune. Employing primarily seven Tibetan Sound Bowls, each one tuned to one of the chakras (energy centers), we also use the human voice, guided imagery, the didgeridoo, and meditative Native American drums in a safe and relaxed atmosphere. Some people sit in chairs during the 90 minute group session; others feel more comfortable while lying on a yoga mat. Tibetan Sound Bowls, used for centuries in the East as a protocol for healing, are now being used by some cancer doctors here in the West. Bring your intentions, then let your mind, body, and soul be bathed in the healing tones of the hand drum, the didgeridoo, the human voice, and Tibetan Sound Bowls. We'll cover all the chakras, from the crown to the root, and shift and release dense energies to make way for healing, rejuvenation, and a new sense of balanced calm and vitality.

Suggested donation by Soundscapers is $20. Call today to reserve your spot...781-944-8498


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