Permanent Principal Named for Coolidge Middle School

Sarah Marchant, previously the interim principal, was given the role on a permanent basis earlier this month.

A principal was named for Coolidge Middle School recently.
A principal was named for Coolidge Middle School recently.
Sarah Marchant has been running the everyday operations of Coolidge Middle School on an interim basis for close to a year. But as of this month, Marchant took over on a permanent basis.

According to the blog for Superintendent of Schools John Doherty, Marchant was named permanent principal effective immediately as of earlier this month.

"Sarah has provided very solid leadership in her role as Interim Principal for Coolidge Middle School," Doherty wrote. "She has managed and addressed situations effectively and professionally with a continued focus on student needs.  In addition, she has worked diligently with teachers, parents, and the community to provide a high quality educational experience for all students."


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