Reading and North Reading Bus Routes

School is about to start. Take a look at the bus routes.

School starts on Wednesday in Reading and Sept. 5 in North Reading. If your child travels to school on the bus, take a look at the bus routes. Also, check out our back to school guide.


These are subject to change*

Parent Paid Bus

Scheduled Bus Stops 

Reading Public Schools suggests that students arrive at their bus stop at 6:45 a.m. for the first few days of school. After the first week, students and bus drivers will know a more exact time to be at their stop.

Bus 1

West Street-Oak Street

Prescott Street-Copeland Avenue

West Street-King Street

Summer Avenue-Willow Street

Bus 2

Salem Street – Libby Avenue

Salem Street – Eaton Street

Salem Street – Pearl Street

Viking Travel – Main Street

Summer Avenue-Main Street

Walnut Street-Redgate Lane

Walnut Street-Ash Hill Road

South Street-Gleason Road

South Street-Pine Ridge Road

South Street-Whitehall Lane

Bus 1

(Afternoon Run)

Viking Travel – Main Street

Summer Avenue-Main Street

Walnut Street-Redgate Lane

Walnut Street-Ash Hill Road

South Street-Gleason Road

South Street-Pine Ridge Road

South Street-Whitehall Lane

West - Oak

West – King

Willow – Summer

Bus 2

(Afternoon Run)

Salem – Libby

Salem – Eaton

Salem – Pearl

Copeland - Prescott

The afternoon bus will leave the High School promptly five minutes after dismissal. 

-Buses start at 7:05 a.m.

To Parker Middle School: Proceed to Salem and John Street (stop). Continue to Salem Street and Eaton Street (stop). Stop at 169 Salem Street continuing on to Cumberland Farms (stop) then to the corner of Salem Street and Bay State Road (stop) to the corner of Salem Street & Libby Avenue (stop) to Salem & Pearl (stop) and continue onto Parker Middle School.

-Buses start at 7:00 a.m.                                      

Bus leaves Birch Meadow Drive and turns right on Main Street left on Pleasant Street, proceed to Eaton Street (stop on corner) turn left onto Eaton Street and proceed to Salem Street – turn right -continue going around the rotary to Haverhill Street to 105, 173 & 572 Haverhill Street. Turn around at first Batchelder Road. Stop at 636 Haverhill Street. Right on Franklin Street. Stop at Franklin Street and Parsons Road. Continue to Franklin and Partridge Road (stop). Right on Main Street. Left on Mill Street. Left on Sanborn Lane (Stop).  Continue to 40 Sanborn Lane (stop). Right on Lilah Lane (Stop) at corner of Verde Circle. Left on Thomas Drive. Stop at corner of Thomas Drive and Lilah Lane. Stop at corner of Sanborn Extension and Thomas Drive. Left on Sanborn Lane Extension. Right on Roma Lane. Stop at corner of Roma and Lynn Village Way. Turn around. Left on Sanborn Lane Extension.  Right on Thomas Drive. Right on Lilah Lane. Left on Sanborn Lane. Right on Mill Street. Right on Main Street. Right on Franklin Street. Right on Dividence Road (stop). Right on Zachary Lane. Stop at the corner of Cory and Zachary Lane. Turn around. Left on Dividence Road. Left on Franklin Street. Right on Main proceed to the corner of Fairchild Drive (stop) proceed to Coolidge Middle School.  

ASH STREET AREA- Buses start at 7:40 a.m.

Enter Avon Street from Main Street, proceed to Ash Street (stop) – right on Ash Street, right on Shackford Road to #6 (stop), continue down Shackford stop at corner of Cross Street – left on Cross Street , right on Ash Street to #264 (stop), to #306 (stop), to #329 (stop), right on Brook Street; right on Summer Avenue to right on Main Street proceed 243 Main St. (stop),  proceed to 309 Main St. (stop) proceed to corner of Main and Green (stop) proceed to Pleasant Street – turn right onto Pleasant Street. Turn right on Parker Street. Stop at John Street and Haven Street. Proceed to John Street – turn right onto John Street to Green Street, right on Beech Street to Lakeview Avenue (stop) - left on to Eaton Street to Salem Street – right on Salem Street, stop across from Winter Street, to left on Winter Street turn left onto Orange Street. Stop at corner of Orange Street and Pearl Street– proceed to school. 

J. W. KILLAM SCHOOL-LIBBY AVENUE AREA- Buses start at 7:50 a.m.

Start route at 20 Track Road (stop). Continue to Salem Street and Bay State Road – stop – Turn right onto Libby Avenue to A Street – stop - proceed on Libby to C Street – stop– proceed on Libby to F Street – stop – to 128 Salem Street (stop) proceed to corner of Belmont Street and Salem Street stop - proceed to school.


Afternoon Run- Buses start at 11:30 a.m. (PM Pick-Up)

Proceed to 243 Main St. (stop) continue to 329 Ash St (stop), proceed to Lakeview Ave./Beech Street (stop) Continue to school.


Here is a link to the bus routes and stops in North Reading.

Here are some frequently asked questions, and their answers, regarding bus routes: 

  • What time should I arrive at the bus stop?

Each route has an approximate time listed for the first pick-up. Please note that at the beginning of the school year this can vary by as much as 15 minutes. It is recommended that you arrive earlier than the average time listed until a pattern is established.

  • Who is eligible for free busing?

Bus privileges are provided free of charge to the following populations:

-Students in grades K-6 who live more than 2 miles from their school.

-Students whose Individual Education Plan (IEP) include free busing.

Please note that even students who receive free busing must apply for and display their bus pass to the bus driver.

  • How is the 2.0 mile distance determined for students in grades K-6?

It is measured by using the shortest route from the public way in front of a student’s home to the intersection of the public way and nearest entranceway of the school.

  • If I am not eligible for free busing how do I purchase a bus pass?

In the month of July a mailing went out to all school-aged children with information on how to buy a pass. If you need another application you may pick one up at any school or at the School Business Office, located in the Middle School. Applications are also available online at http://www.north-reading.k12.ma.us.

  • How much does the bus pass cost?

A discount is applied for passes acquired prior to 8/15. The pre-August 15 cost for individual bus passes is $250 per year, with a family maximum of $450. Payments received after 8/15 require a payment of $300 (family maximum of $500). You may pay by check or money order. No cash or credits cards are accepted.

  • Why do I have to pay more after August 15th?

The bus stops and routes cannot be finalized until we know who is riding the busses. To encourage early purchases we allow for a $50 discount for families purchasing their passes prior to August 15th.

  • Are there one-way passes or monthly passes available for purchase?

No. We contract for buses for the school year. Bus passes allow for service for the entire year.

  • Can I schedule monthly payments for my bus pass?

No. In order to keep the administrative costs down for bus passes we cannot schedule individual payment plans. Instead, we send out bus pass information very early in order to provide additional time for families to budget their finances. We do accept online payments and through this service you may make payment with your credit card. An additional fee will apply if you use a credit card.

  • Is there financial aid available?

If your family is eligible for “Free or Reduced Lunch” you may have your bus fee waived. Applications are available at every school, at the School Business Office in the Middle School or online at http://ps.north-reading.k12.ma.us/pages/NRSDDistrict_Business/transport/index.

  • Does everyone need a bus pass?

Yes, every rider must have a bus pass. No exceptions.

  • I lost my bus pass. What should I do?

Replacement passes are sold in the School Business Office at the Middle School for a $15 fee. Checks or money order only, please.

  • Are the bus stops for Middle and High School at the same locations as they were for elementary School?

No. Bus stops will likely be farther from your house than they were for elementary school. The buses have to provide service to the entire town for middle and high school. It isn’t possible to provide the same level of neighborhood service. Middle & High school students may be as far as 1 ½ miles from their bus stops.

  • Is bus service provided to all streets and neighborhoods?

The short answer is no. Streets that are not accepted by the Town of North Reading, unpaved roads and/or areas that buses cannot safely traverse are examples or areas that do not receive bus service. In these cases buses will pick up and drop children off at the nearest bus stop. We encourage parents to participate in car pools in these instances.

  • What are the bus arrangements for Kindergarten students?

When possible, bus stops are provided close to kindergarteners homes at the mid-day drop-off or mid-day pick-up. The morning pick-up and the afternoon drop-off are located at the normal neighborhood stops, along with the grade 1-5 children.

In order to benefit from the mid-day bus stop privileges you needed to have acquired your pass before August 15. Bus passes acquired after this date will result in delayed inclusion of your home on the specialized kindergarten route system.

Please note that full day kindergartners do not have mid-day bus service therefore there is no “door-to-door” service.

  • If there are behavior problems on the bus who can I report this to?

Problems should be reported to the school principal.

  • Can a student’s conduct result in suspension from bus privileges?

Yes. Students are expected to behave in a manner which will provide for the optimum safety of the individual student as well as the other students riding the bus. When a student is reported for violating a safety rule in or around a school bus, school officials will review the situation with the student. Parents will be notified of the behavior. Depending on the situation the student can: receive a warning, receive a brief suspension from the bus or lose bus privileges for the balance of the school year. No bus user fees will be refunded in such an instance.

  • The bus drives right pass my house. Why can’t you add a stop, it will only take 1 minute?

Imagine how long it would take for the buses to arrive at their destinations if we agreed to such requests!

  • Does the presence of sidewalks affect the bus stops?

Yes. Neighborhoods that have the benefit of sidewalks will have bus stops spread out farther. However, neighborhoods with no sidewalks will have bus stops situated in closer proximity.

Joe Veno August 28, 2012 at 11:24 AM
Please drive carefully. Childern will be waiting at bus stops. Many childern will be walking on the sides of the roads. Childern are very excited the first few weeks of school and may dart out into the street. We all need to use more caution while driving. So please lets all slow down a little and be more aware of what is going on around you.


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