Wilmington Ice Cream Shop is Summer Destination

K&A Cones provides more than 60 flavors of ice cream in addition to soft serve and other treats year round, but especially during the summer months.

The answers to these questions were provided by Joe Prezioso, the owner of as a part of Patch's Wilmington Business Q&A column.

What are the summer months like in the ice cream business?

This is the third season I have been open.  We’re open year round and we have 60 flavors of ice cream, soft serve, frozen yogurt and just about anything you can imagine. We’re basically an ice cream euphoria. People say “’Tis the Season” around the Christmas holidays, but the summer “’Tis the ice cream season” as I say it. It’s hot days and cool ice cream. People are happy and it’s a great marriage. 

What are your favorite flavors? 

I enjoy most of them. My number one is vanilla because just like cheese pizza is the most popular, you can’t go wrong with vanilla. It depends on the mood I’m in. Sometimes it’s maple walnut sometimes it’s soft serve. It’s safe to say that I do consume my own product. Some flavors you try and they don’t work, so we keep on moving. Summertime Peach right now is a great flavor.

What is the biggest challenge of running a business?

When I’m serving ice cream, I want every one of my customers to come in tomorrow happy. The biggest challenge, it’s still a business. Everyone enjoys ice cream but the end of the day it’s still a business and I need to take care of business and keep customers coming back with promotions, advertising and other ways. I want customers to see us as the destination of choice in Wilmington. I think we please the vast majority of palates. 

As the only ice cream shop in town, do you see yourself as the go to business? 

We are indeed the only ice cream only store in Wilmington. The benefit is that I can offer so many flavors, and offer the variety of what I have. If you come back every day, you won’t have to repeat a flavor for over a few months.

How much do you enjoy interacting with your customers?

I’ve always enjoyed the community tremendously. I want to be a place to come in, get an ice cream, be happy and come back again tomorrow.


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