Local Cops Quack the Case of the Mystery Intruder

A woman mistook a duck for a burglar.

Officer Greg Connolly with the suspect. Photo credit: North Reading Police.
Officer Greg Connolly with the suspect. Photo credit: North Reading Police.
By Les Masterson

Police got their duck on Saturday.

Police responded to a home after a woman woke up to hear banging noises coming from downstairs. Concerned that there was an intruder, she called police, which asked her to stay on the line, but to remain in her bedroom until officers arrived, according to North Reading Police.

Police quickly determined there was no forced entry to the home. The woman was told she could leave her bedroom and let in police.

When police entered the home, they were confronted by the intruder – a female Wood Duck.

But the duck wasn’t going to go easily. Police tracked down the webbed-footed assailant and Officer Greg Connolly caught the bird without incident – or injury to the duck, police said.

Connolly let the duck outside and it quickly flew back to the safety of Swan Pond.

Police found the duck entered the home through an open chimney flue.

“The duck, covered in chimney soot, flew directly into a vaulted ceiling, leaving the perfect soot silhouette of the flying duck on white ceiling,” said police.


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